Pageant Mission

Objetivos del Certamen

Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester
Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated

The Miss Puerto Rico of Rochester Cultural Pageant is designed to build cultural awareness, values and the self-esteem of young Puerto Rican women in the community between the ages of 14-17. This is not a beauty pageant but a cultural pageant where young ladies of Puerto Rican heritage, can celebrate their roots and culture while learning poise, elegance and sportsmanship.

As a community driven organization, we work to encourage each young lady to be the best that she can be, express her individuality and blossom to her fullest potential. Extreme focus is placed on responsibility, building confidence and developing leadership skills which are all important characteristics for a successful future. As a part of the process, each young lady works for over five months in various workshops, research, rehearsals and community activities.

We take pride in our commitment to make a difference in the community and strive to be a continuous light along their pathway.